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               SeeChange Productions

Nancy Lewis is the founder and director of SeeChange Productions. The company produces age appropriate social justice history materials for young kids. Through various media, SeeChange provides learning opportunities for children in their elementary years.

Nancy began her education career in New York City. She taught Kindergarten through Middle School, then moved to Connecticut and taught first and second grade. It was here that she began to write books and plays. Later, in a move to Baltimore, Nancy’s productions and social studies teaching expanded and drew praise.

Nancy’s teaching experience and creative endeavors led her to develop innovative, useful materials that comprise SeeChange Productions.

“You really helped me grow from a shy, scared little kid to what I am today.”                                                  (fourth grader)

“Thank you for teaching us that our country and state are not perfect.”                                                (second grader)

“Sophie just beamed and still does with her passion for social justice that you ignited in her, which is beautiful!”                                                                  (parent)

“It was amazing to see how you taught some very important concepts so that seven and eight year olds ‘got it’.”                                                                 (parent)

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