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“You are such a fantastic teacher! I still have SUCH clear memories from second grade in 2001-2002, from putting on a class play together, to learning the word ‘indigenous’”.                                          (former student)

“I still remember performing the second grade play. To this day I still, from time to time, hum one of the songs we sang during the show, ‘Books, books, books, books they’re in your point of view!’”                                       (former student)

“You prepared me for the fabulous show we had at the end of the year. I really enjoyed acting as Ms. Lackawana in the National Parks play!”                                                            (fourth grader)

“Not only did the second graders learn a great deal about the history of this country, but they learned what it is like to work together with their peers toward a common goal and reach it.”                                                   (principal)

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