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The Black History Hall of Fame – great African Americans come alive and inspire

The Friendly Animal Farm – here animals can have a great life

Happy Birthday, National Parks! – an appreciation for the women and men who struggled to preserve them

We the People! – the Revolutionary War and freedom for all

Starletta Silvane Rides Again! – Aliens and a western heroine tell a tale of friendship and bravery

The State We’re In! - How Maryland began

Carter G and John McD – a tour of the Harlem Renaissance, Buffalo Soldiers, Negro Leagues and Marian Anderson

Hawaii – how did Hawaii become part of the US?

The Light of Day – in early America, women’s rights and abolition take center stage

Endangered Species – A camel, bird, turtle, fish and an elephant all need saving

The Galimoto and the Train – the story of American transportation and friendship between two kids

Fossilize! – A dinosaur comes to life at a summer camp

Maryland Stories – Eubie Blake, Ft. McHenry, and a bookmobile tell important stories

Somewhere Near the Chesapeake – Sailing from England to Maryland

The Dogfish and the Submarine – Scientists want to capture a strange ‘fish’ until kids save the day

Starletta Silvane Goes to Alaska – friendship and how to save the Alaskan territory

Moonwalk – Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Martin Luther King, Jr. share their stories when they were kids

Never Give Up – Gandhi and Oney Judge, two inspiring people who use non-violence and determination to gain                                           freedom

Elephants! – Saving these amazing creatures

To Be A Leader – the story of Cesar Chavez, Delores Huerta and the grape boycott

Wassaja – a young man from the Apache tribe experiences a sudden change

Renewable Energy – environmental changes means we should renew our approach

Dolphins to the Sea – kids help free them from captivity

Flight! – the Wright Brothers figured it out but Bessie Coleman, Harriet Quimby and others pioneered the invention

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